About Us

Your digital media production partner:

Bright Plane is a digital media production company based out of Des Moines, Iowa. We combine the talents and overlapping skills of each of our managing partners with our amazing production team to bring you years of experience and a wide array of services.

We provide digital media services to help start ups, start overs, and start agains take the next step in aquiring new customers and help them grow and automate their business.

Often times, businesses simply don't have time or money to bring in all the different talented people required to solve a specific business problem. And, just as often, the people inside a business are often too close to what they do to see the potential that someone on the outside might see. We can help you not only produce a solution to your business problems, but we can help you see what you might not see.

Our services include: motion graphics animation and video production, web site and web application development, mobile app development for iOS and Android, email marketing tools and strategies, and so much more. By bringing our team into your business to help you accomplish your goals, we become your strategic partner in reaching your objectives. Whether it's helping you launch an entirely new product or service, or just updating your existing sales and marketing tools to be more effective, we have the experience and passion to help. What can we do for you?